Expressing feelings trough the paper, the ink flowing like a river in full through a cellulose strip, the riverbank imploding of passion, love, romance. Tak.Ori presents with this manifesto in Milan, in its new showroom in Garibaldi 2, a capsule collection for spring-summer 2017. The inspiration for the collection “Love Letters” – composed of a limited number of clothes all united by the same concept – came about after the designer Lana Takori found in old personal trunks some family epistles. << I am a contemporary woman who does not look at the old days with nostalgia, but with optimism. That’s why I decided to bring back that way we used to communicate , now almost lost, in my knitwear >>. Always exclusively made in Italy, the collection features a chromatic level of neutral colors like beige, white and gray, light green, which make up a sophisticated melange of tones to emphasize the fine and light materials such as linen and co on. If the silhoutte is soft and contemporary, the character that expresses the past is given by the print of the iconic “par avion” letters and some holes, here and here, to emphasize the past threadbare but still extremely exciting.